Hi, back having been unable to update on Saturday due to… personal issues. But I’m back now.

The joy of being an author is that it is a way to express yourself. If somebody has annoyed you, or you have an opinion which is unpopular in the outside world, then you can include it in a story, and then you can express it without being victim to more popular opinion.

Having forms of expression is a vital part of life. It allows you, if only for a brief, fleeting moment, to see the situation clearly. Sometimes when you have an argument, you are correct and must stick to your guns, stand by your flag. At others, it is you who is in the wrong and must compromise to make the situation good again.

And really, that’s what writing is. It’s the art of expressing yourself in words, without hurting the ones you love. You are telling people “this is my story, this is what I want to tell, these are the ideas cultivated in my head, like a seed growing into a mighty oak”.

I think what I’m trying to say is if you have an opinion, stick to it. If you change your min, change it. I (and I am not the only one) have had tragedy in my life. I look back every day and see things I wish I could do differently, wish I had a time machine to magically fly back and change the world.

But that’s life isn’t it? You live twice: you live in the moment, and you live in retrospect. Actions have consequences, you act and then you have hindsight. Whether it’s writing or life, you have to learn how to look back and use your mistakes to empower you, have hope for the future.


Right then, time for the second chapter of my story. Again, I will provide the start, and then you can read on further through the link I provide. In this chapter, Phil has his club running, and his love enters the fray. This is Chapter 2: Enter Hannah, the Glass Princess


What Makes An Army

Chapter Two: Enter Hannah, the Glass Princess

Point of View- Phil

The next morning, Lydia, Jodi, and Freja stood before me, all awaiting orders having been converted, wearing plain black shirts, plain black skirts, and looking absolutely devoid of any emotion or mind.

Phil: ‘Look at this- 3 servants when I started the day looking for just 1. Now I can enjoy this, but you have a mission. You have been rescued by me. Special people with extraordinary abilities that need unlocking. People of the outside world would be scared of you, which is why you are here. This is your chance to be you.’

‘Now we have a job to do. You all know Hannah Cummings in some respect. Your job is to rescue her from the life that she currently endures.’

Lydia: ‘How do we do that master?’

Phil: ‘She is more special and important than she ever could know. Jodi, you will keep an eye on Hannah from College. Lydia, Freja, you will be my lookout team. I will communicate with you all through your earpieces, and you will communicate back with me.’ The 3 of them then nodded, and left.

A couple of hours later, I received correspondence from Jodi.

Jodi: ‘Master, target spotted.’

Phil: ‘Tonight, guide her to the Grand Park in Greenock. When she’s there, recruit her and Sean will pick you up, bringing you here. Do you understand?’

Jodi: ‘Completely master. I won’t let you down.’ While they were there, we were making sure the machine was working properly. About 10 minutes later though, I got a call from Lydia.

Phil: ‘Lydia, update.’

Lydia: ‘The situation might be more complicated than we thought.’

Phil: ‘What kind of more complicated?’

Lydia: ‘Hannah isn’t alone. Allyx is with her.’

Phil: ‘Take them both in if necessary, aim to just get Hannah though. Allyx is not the target, take her if there is no other option.’

Lydia: ‘Understood.’ They then continued their job.

Sean: ‘Yo Phil, what are you gonna do when they have Hannah in that park?’

Phil: ‘They will trap Hannah, and I’ve given Freja a special crest to restrict Hannah and knock her out. You’re then going to pick them up and deliver them back here.’

Sean: ‘Why me?’

Phil: ‘I’ve never driven an automatic. And my car’s having a service today.’

Sean: ‘Fine. But you owe me now.’

Phil: ‘Don’t forget who bailed you out after that fight a few weeks ago Sean. I did that as a mate- that’s what mates do for each other.’

Sean: ‘I thought your Impreza was invincible- tough as old boots.’

Phil: ‘It’s in for it’s yearly service. It’s only been in outside of it’s yearly service twice in 9 years.’

Sean: ‘So go on, did you cast your spell on Mollie?’

Phil: ‘I did, but it was her request. She liked the idea and agreed to me testing on her. I released her from it when I remembered.’

Sean: ‘Which was?’

Phil: ‘A month later. She didn’t complain too much.’ Mollie then came back down, her high ponytail swaying in the slight breeze coming from the broken window (Mollie + Alcohol = Broken window).

Mollie: ‘So I’ll be part of your club when it’s fully set-up?’

Phil: ‘Yeah. You can be as well Sean.’

Sean: ‘I’m alright thanks- if things go wrong, you might need someone on the outside to back you up man.’

Point of View- Mollie

Phil then left.

Sean: ‘You want Phil to be with Hannah?’

Mollie: ‘Totally. You?’

Sean: ‘They were made for each other.’ We then toasted, as we got another update.

Mollie: ‘This is Mollie, come in.’

Jodi: ‘Target is on the way to Grand Park.’

Mollie: ‘Good. We’ll send Sean out immediately. He’ll signal you with a flashlight when he’s ready. Until then, keep her busy. Is she alone?’

Jodi: ‘Her sister’s with her. I’ll try and lose her.’

Mollie: ‘Don’t- it’ll look suspicious. If you can lose her, do, but if not, we can take them both.’

Jodi: ‘Understood.’ Jodi then signed off, and I got in contact with Lydia.

Mollie: ‘Lydia, come in.’

Lydia: ‘Jodi and Hannah have just passed with Allyx.’ Phil then came back and took over.

Phil: ‘Lydia, you and Freja get in position. Make sure you’re not seen until you see the flashlight.’

Lydia: ‘Understood master.’

Phil: ‘Good. Update me when you’re in position.’ Lydia then signed off, and Sean left.

Mollie: ‘Sure we can trust Sean?’

Phil: ‘Absolutely. He’ll deliver.’


To read this to the end, click on the following link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9036873/2/What-Makes-An-Army


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